1. Luz Na Escuridão 47" (Horizons-A Lua Luara, feat. Claudya de Oliveira - Gonsz Records)


2. New Day 53" (Deja Vu,feat.Juhani Aaltonen, Sony Music)


3. Return To Life 43" (Meet The Composer-Heikki Sarmanto, Warner Finlandia Rec.)


4. Carousell 39" (Dance With The Moon, Warner Korea compilation, original recordings Finlandia Records)


5. Through Forests 51" (Meet The Composer-Heikki Sarmanto, Warner Finlandia Rec.)


6. Morning Splendor 29" (Rise-Heikki Sarmanto-Juhani Aaltonen, Sony Music)


7. Heinät heiluu tuulessa 38" (Onnen Aika -Hapuoja-Sarmanto-Saarikoski, Capitol Records / Emi)


8. Birches On The Hill 33" (Meet The Composer-Heikki Sarmanto, Warner Finlandia Rec.)


9. Like A Dove 34" (The Touch Of Your Voice , feat. Juhani Aaltonen and Maija Hapuoja, to be released in the near future)


10. Statues 27" (Helsinki Haiku Song Pictures, feat. Essi Wuorela; a book with CD)


11. Flowers in the Water 37" (Tears In The Night, feat. Sari Ann, Parsley Records)


"Sarmanto's NEWEST record "HORIZONS" is homage to music and its artists who with their talent, make our lives so much happier.

The immense geographic distance between Brazil and Finland, North and South, simply disappears, when artists meet in the kingdom of Music. Music, ethernally sovereign, guides and allows them with their talent to translate and explain our lives to us. Thanks to them we catch glimpses of happines and we can dream of living in it."

Marcus Gonzaga

(Here above, the sample "Luz na escuridão" is taken from this CD)

Trouble hearing the songs? you can also hear the song samples from:
Heikki Sarmanto Soundcloud page.